Anniversary touring

スバル出目金, originally uploaded by subaru360sd.

こんま356の20周年とてんとう虫会の30周年記念に、11月23と24日に、スバル太田工場の見学とツーリングしました。スバル ビジターセンターでディスプレーされた様々な名車の中私の心に一番近いはもちろんK111の小さなてんとう虫です。
Ont the 23rd and 24th of November we had a joint tour to Subaru's Ota factory to celebrate the 20th anniversary of owners' club .356 and 30th anniversary of Tentoumushikai. There are several beautifully restored Subaru at the Visitor Center at the Ota factory, but of course the little ladybug is the closest to my hearth.


More on restoration レストアーのその2

This is not fun :((( A lot of dust, and still just preparing for the paint...
After putting some color on the car, I have realized that it is different from what I was hooping to get. We have mixed the color again to a better one. Getting the right yellow is not easy...
はがしはもうイヤアアア。。。でも、ここで手を抜けば後で困難 決めた色で塗ってみたら。。。思ったと違う。黄色い色はカンタンじゃないですねー。もう一度色をやりなおしながら塗装し始めた。

旅の準備その1 レストアー The restoration of my Subaru 360

The paint was stripped off, and POR 15 was painted on some of the "rust sensitive" areas. Stripping the paint off a car - even of a small one, like my Subaru 360 - is not fun. I have done this 6 years ago, when I have restored my first Subaru 360, and at that time I said: never ever will I do this, but here I am, doing it all over again.
Two days from now, I will bring the car from the paint shop to my sensei's (mentor, teacher) garage and the fun begins. We will re-build the car to prepare for the 12,000km trip from Tokyo to Budapest trough the Trans-Siberian highway during the summer of 2008. I made a new wire harness since the old one was eaten here-and-there (by rats?).

元の ペイントを剥離し、錆びに弱い所POR15で塗りました。ペイントの薄利はとても嫌な仕事ですが車を長く 乗りたいなら、やらなければならない作業です。6年前に1台目のスバル360のレストア時に一回同じ事をやりました。その時”もう一回絶対にこんなことしな い”と決めたけど、またやっちゃったねー。今週の日曜日に塗装屋から友達(先生)のがレージに運んで車の組み立てを始めます。 来年の夏に東京からブダペストまでシベリア大陸を横断しての1万2千キロの旅を耐えられるように一から車の全体を組み直してます。ネズミが電気系のハーネスをあちこち食べられてから、全部やり直しまし た。


The base car レストアベースカー

My friend K found this base car for me. It looks sad now, but it is a good base car. Wait until I rebuild it...


Introduction はじめに


I am a Hungarian living in Japan at the last 13 years. On my last birthday I was thinking to do something to remember...
Driving my Subaru 360 from Japan to Hungary across Siberia... Now this would be a great idea...


For those who don't know the car Subaru360.
It was Japan's first family car, made by Fuji Heavy Industries. The tiny, two cylinder engine car was introduced to the public March 3, 1958 (in Japanese:昭和33年3月3日). It was a great hit, and the public named the little car "ladybug". It has almost 50 years passed by since it's release, but there are still, many who loves the few remaining cars.


This blog is about my trip to Hungary. I will try to write about planning the route, the preparation of the car for the trip and of course will I write on the way.
I hope that this blog will interest those who like Subaru 360 and those who still dare to dream, even if people around us think that our dream is impossible or crazy.