Still planning, but... 夢をあきらめないです!!

It has been quite some time since my last posting.
There has been an unpleasant development of the planning of the trip, namely that I have to postpone it ☹
My vacation has been cancelled and I am not going to be able to get away from my work at all this summer. This is something I couldn’t see ahead and did not expected at all.
Instead of the “big trip”, this year I will try to do several trips within Japan. I think of it as my training for the real journey.
Last week I drove around the Chiba peninsula, 440km easy 12 hours with several breaks to enjoy the beautiful view. See the photos.
Tomorrow I will drive with the family (of four) to Izu peninsula this will be a good challenge for the car.
There are still many improvements that I can do on the car, and now I have the time to fine-tune her.
Next summer is far away and in my job I cannot plan so far ahead, just hoping that soon I will be able to fulfill my dream to return home across Siberia.
Please come back and check again this blog, I will post about my adventures with my Subaru 360 within Japan until I get the OK for the “real adventure”.