The cause of my engine failure... エンジン故障の原因は。。。

My last post, I had the sad news that my engine has failed during the test drive.
Now, I know that the cause of this was the crankshaft bearing. See the pictures. We had to replace the crankshaft and crank case. I hope that we can have the car running this weekend.



テストドライブ (失敗) TEST drive (failed)




It was a beautiful day yesterday and I used my lunch brake to take out my car at the first time to the Tokyo traffic with the rebuild engine and transmission. Driving trough Akasaka, Toranomon area with my shiny car was really GREAT.
Today I had a day off from work and decided to take the car for inspection (shaken).
It is necessary to pass the inspection every other year in order to be able to drive in Japan.
With confidence, I was about half way driving my little Subaru to the inspection, when I hear a "garagara" noise from the engine... What could it be??? by the time I would be able to stop at the side the noise has gone.
BUT, after another 300m, a big shock did shake the car and the the noise was back.
Not just back but it become lauder. I did not liked it at all, I have decided to call the road service to carry home the car.
While waiting for the tow-truck, a friend drove by and stop to ask of what happened. He took the pictures (and more here )

I think of this as a great opportunity to learn more about my car. I hope that it will break down again, and I will learn more and more about why these things happen and how to fix them. Better now, when I have my friends around and parts are much easier to get, then somewhere at the Siberian highway...
(The last picture was taken last year by Lang Kidby who drove his Fiat 500 around the world)

It is one of the many great feeling about old cars...
The adrenalin rise every time, as one can never be sure that he/she will arrive to the destination or will break down somewhere on the way...


We are home... お帰りなさい。。。

今日は先生のガレージから車を持て帰りました。全部並べて良い気持ちです:)順番で:ラビット301b4(1968年)、パンのニアとデゥナサイドカー(1966年)、スバル360 2台(1968年)、パサート2007年。スバルとパサートのサイズを比べて見て:)

Today, we brought home my little Subaru from my friends garage. It is nice to have them all together. They are: Rabbit 301 B4 from 1968; Pannonia bike with Duna sidecar from 1966, 2 Subaru 360 both from 1968, and my 2007 Passat. Compare the size of Subaru to Passat :)