We are home... お帰りなさい。。。

今日は先生のガレージから車を持て帰りました。全部並べて良い気持ちです:)順番で:ラビット301b4(1968年)、パンのニアとデゥナサイドカー(1966年)、スバル360 2台(1968年)、パサート2007年。スバルとパサートのサイズを比べて見て:)

Today, we brought home my little Subaru from my friends garage. It is nice to have them all together. They are: Rabbit 301 B4 from 1968; Pannonia bike with Duna sidecar from 1966, 2 Subaru 360 both from 1968, and my 2007 Passat. Compare the size of Subaru to Passat :)


ApaE said...

hohoho ... :-)
I like these pictures !
You did a great job on all vehicles - congratulations!

Subaru360sd said...

Thanks ApaE.
It was a long way until here...
Now, I am spending my nights in the garage to do the final tune-up and get the car ready for inspection.
Time flies, only a few months left. I want to do a few test-drives here in Japan to see how we (the car and my body)handles a full day drive.