The base car レストアベースカー

My friend K found this base car for me. It looks sad now, but it is a good base car. Wait until I rebuild it...


Introduction はじめに


I am a Hungarian living in Japan at the last 13 years. On my last birthday I was thinking to do something to remember...
Driving my Subaru 360 from Japan to Hungary across Siberia... Now this would be a great idea...


For those who don't know the car Subaru360.
It was Japan's first family car, made by Fuji Heavy Industries. The tiny, two cylinder engine car was introduced to the public March 3, 1958 (in Japanese:昭和33年3月3日). It was a great hit, and the public named the little car "ladybug". It has almost 50 years passed by since it's release, but there are still, many who loves the few remaining cars.


This blog is about my trip to Hungary. I will try to write about planning the route, the preparation of the car for the trip and of course will I write on the way.
I hope that this blog will interest those who like Subaru 360 and those who still dare to dream, even if people around us think that our dream is impossible or crazy.