Test drive to Toyama Fushiki ferry 富山伏木フェリーまでのテストドライブ

On the second weekend of April, I decided to drive to Toyama Fushiki ferry.
This ferry was/is my first choice to get over from Japan to Russia, and I wanted to see how hard is for the car and for me to take this trip. It was raining again, raining for the whole trip except a few hours. The roads were empty, no wind, I was able to make good time.

It was a lot of climbing, there was still snow on the side of the highway.

From home to the port of Fushiki took 7hours and 40 minutes.

If I came this far, I decided to drive around the Noto peninsula as well.
Beautiful drive would be without the rain...

Leaving for home.
On the way home, I even get a few hours without rain! Great road, very little traffic... Many many long tunnels, some over 4km.
After 12 hours, and 580km, I have arrived home.
On the two weekends I drove over 2,000km without any problem with the car (other than the rain leaking in on the way to Ise).
I was able to drive long hours, and gained trust in my little yellow baby.
Since January, I drove over 4,000km. It is time to see the damage...
The car deserves one complete checkup now, and one before the "big trip".


Family trip to Ise and Matsuzaka 伊勢、松坂の家族旅

It's early April, the Sakura is blooming everywhere. We decided to visit Ise Shrine and Matsuzaka.
We have left early for the Irago-Toba ferry. The weather couldn't be worst, half way we got typhoon like wind and rain. This was the first time since I drive my Subaru that I was worried that the wind might blow the roof away from the car... Half of the route, we couldn't drive more thank 50km/h on the highway. Poor Subaru was leaking everywhere.
This was our driving record until the ferry port.

The ferry was only 55 minutes, but it wasn't an easy ride. High waves and rain during the whole trip.

Next morning, we have visited the famous Ise Jingu. I wish that we would have more time, the 125 shrine deserve more time...

After Ise Jingu we drove to Matsuzaka.

The Sakura is incredible everywhere.

We have spent the second night at the Taiya Ryokan. Great food and very friendly staff was making our stay unforgettable. I am not keen having Japanese breakfast (just can't have fish, not to mention natto) They have prepared continental breakfast for me! Something that is hard to get at Japanese ryokans...

On our third day we were heading home. Nice drive until we hit the usual 30km traffic jam on the highway from Oi-Matsuda, 70km from home. We made a pretty good average until that.
The last 70km took us 2 hours and 20 minutes...