Route planning ルートの設定

The current plan is to leave Japan 2008. 08. 08. on the ferry RUS, arrive to Vladivostok on Sunday, the 10th of August. What I read from others arrived to Vladivostok the custom clearance could take some time. So I will start from Vlad. when I get my car...
The planned route is Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Chita, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moskva, Kijev, Budapest, Bremerhaven. It is about 13,000km trip, that will be quite a challenge for both my little Subaru 360 and myself as well. I plan about six weeks for the trip.

現在の予定は2008年8月8日に富山県伏木からフェーリを乗って40時間かけてロシアの ウラジオストクまで行きます。税関通ってから次のルートを通る。ウラジオストクハバロフスク,チイータイルクーツクノボシビルスクモスクワキエフブダペスト、ブレーマーハーフェン。この13,000キロの旅はスバル360にも自分自身にも大きなチャレンジです。6週間かけてガンバって行きたいと思います。


The engine is in the car! エンジンがのせました!

Today, with the help of visiting friends we put the engine in in five minutes. It is great to see the car coming together.


Brake... ブレーキ。。。

Today we installed the new brake master cylinder. With this the car has new brake pipes, new master cylinder and of course all new brake hoses. A big thanks to the friends for the help.
Can't wait to drive the car...


Happy New Year 2008! あけましておめでとうございます!

Although I did not posted updates on the project bit by bit I am getting closer to put it on the road.
I wish a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR for all Subaru fan.