GPS test ナビテスト Garmin 205W, Sony NV-U 35, Panasonic CN-MP50D

Today we have tested three GPS on accuracy, and response.
Garmin 205W,
Sony NV-U 35,
Panasonic CN-MP50D
It was interesting to see that the three GPS were choosing different routes although we put the same goal at the same time for all three.
All three were following the car movement correctly, only that the Panasonic was a little slower re-routing after we diverted from the suggested route.

My favorite is the Garmin, except for one thing that I missed in.
The three choices for road types are not enough. Toll road; Local road or the shortest distance are the options one has to choose from.
I wish it would have another option where local and toll roads are mixed.
It records distance, maximum, average speed that is great help with an old car like my Subaru.

The Sony NV-U 35 has many good options but the screen is the smallest (4,3") and it was the least reliable at choosing the best route. ( We have tested them on a route we know well)

The Panasonic futures digital TV tuner and has the largest screen among the three.
It has the slowest response, and it can not record distance, speed etc...

ガーミン nuvi 205W;
ソニナブ・ユー NV-U 35;
パナソニック ストラーダ CN-MP50D

私の気に入りはガーミンです。たりない所一つだけ と思いましたら、今取り説見たら日本語版と英語版は異なるみたいです。日本語では時間優先、距離優先、と直行になってます。




50 years has passed by... 50年間経った...

A family washes their Subaru 360 in April 1960. On March 3, 1958, Fuji Heavy Industries Co. ushered in an era of affordable family cars with the announcement that a remake of the minicar will hit the market in May with a sticker price of 425,000 yen. The popular 360 had a top speed of 83 kph.