Test drive to Toyama Fushiki ferry 富山伏木フェリーまでのテストドライブ

On the second weekend of April, I decided to drive to Toyama Fushiki ferry.
This ferry was/is my first choice to get over from Japan to Russia, and I wanted to see how hard is for the car and for me to take this trip. It was raining again, raining for the whole trip except a few hours. The roads were empty, no wind, I was able to make good time.

It was a lot of climbing, there was still snow on the side of the highway.

From home to the port of Fushiki took 7hours and 40 minutes.

If I came this far, I decided to drive around the Noto peninsula as well.
Beautiful drive would be without the rain...

Leaving for home.
On the way home, I even get a few hours without rain! Great road, very little traffic... Many many long tunnels, some over 4km.
After 12 hours, and 580km, I have arrived home.
On the two weekends I drove over 2,000km without any problem with the car (other than the rain leaking in on the way to Ise).
I was able to drive long hours, and gained trust in my little yellow baby.
Since January, I drove over 4,000km. It is time to see the damage...
The car deserves one complete checkup now, and one before the "big trip".

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