Up and around Mt. Fuji 富士山の楽しい味方。

After the Numazu fun, I have decided to spend some time exploring the area around Japan highest mountain, Mount Fuji. At the Numazu entrance of the highway my friends headed for Tokyo and I, for the opposite direction to Fuji exit. I drove up to lake Motosu and spent the night in the very nice Villa Motosu guesthouse. Next morning took the Kouhoku scenic route and visited Shoji lake, Saiko lake, Kawaguchi lake and Yamanaka lake.
What is the best way to go up to Mt. Fuji? Of course, drive your Subaru on the Subaru line!
For the little 356ccm (0.356 liter) engine car it is quite a challenge to to climb above 2300m.
I was a nicely surprised how well she took the steep slopes. Other than a few hairpin bend, I was able to drive in third gear all the way up! I did stop at the parking areas to let my engine rest a 'bit, and she took me up without any trouble. I was very proud standing up there, with my little car.
I think, the engine has been brake in now :)


Numazu classic car and bike exhibition 沼津クラシックカー&バイク展示

On the 7th of July there is an exhibition for old cars and bikes at the arcades of Numazu city.
It is an easy 80km drive on the highway from Machida city, where were started with five cars from our club.
We were driving very nicely until one of the cars just broke down in the middle of a long tunnel...
The worst thing could happen to a driver with an old car (or any car for that matter) to break down on the highway in a tunnel. There is no escape spot closely, and the only thing we could do other to fix the car asap, is to pray that incoming cars will notice us in time and will not flatten out us. After some time, we were still working on the carburetor when the police come with flashing red and protected us. We have fixed the car to make it to the next parking area, where we could work on it in safety.
Another hour, and we were off to Numazu. We had great time, many interesting cars and bikes...

Family outing to Izu 伊豆の家族旅行

In early June we have visited a Yamazaki sensei the designer of Lamborghini Sogna on Izu peninsula. His page in Japanese is here.
Family of four, the highway, and the hills of Izu was quite a challenge for my little Subaru.
Going up, there were areas I had to switch back to first gear.
We made it up and down(!) in one piece. This was the fist outing with the family in the new Subaru. ( We had several trip with the first one).