Up and around Mt. Fuji 富士山の楽しい味方。

After the Numazu fun, I have decided to spend some time exploring the area around Japan highest mountain, Mount Fuji. At the Numazu entrance of the highway my friends headed for Tokyo and I, for the opposite direction to Fuji exit. I drove up to lake Motosu and spent the night in the very nice Villa Motosu guesthouse. Next morning took the Kouhoku scenic route and visited Shoji lake, Saiko lake, Kawaguchi lake and Yamanaka lake.
What is the best way to go up to Mt. Fuji? Of course, drive your Subaru on the Subaru line!
For the little 356ccm (0.356 liter) engine car it is quite a challenge to to climb above 2300m.
I was a nicely surprised how well she took the steep slopes. Other than a few hairpin bend, I was able to drive in third gear all the way up! I did stop at the parking areas to let my engine rest a 'bit, and she took me up without any trouble. I was very proud standing up there, with my little car.
I think, the engine has been brake in now :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are getting out in your Subaru. We have done the Liege-Brescia-Liege rally, the little car went really well, we finished first in class and 6th overall in the Spirit Category. It was about 2400 miles and we went over lots of passes including the Gavia at 2650m. We now have some pictures online http://gallery.me.com/jane.puttock#100020 please get in touch if you want more info james@jamesewing.co.uk
Kind regards Jane & James

Subaru360sd said...

Hi Jane & James,

Great pictures!
Watching them, I feel soooooo homesick... I love it here, but Europe is Europe.
I bet you had a lot of fun driving the rally.
Thanks for dropping by.