Finally street legal! 車検を取れました!

この間のクランクベーリングのトラブルの”おかげで” エンジンをすべて交換した車です。(クランクシャフトと全てのベアーリング、シリンダー、ピストン)色々なハプニング有りましたが、車検取れました!2年間OKです!

Today, we went for inspection again, to get the permit called "shaken" that every car have to pass in Japan. Last time I tried, I got only halfway...
Since my last post, I have replaced the crankshaft with all the bearings, cylinders and pistons... It was not an easy ride, but at the end I got the stamp on my paper, and my little yellow Subaru has got the permit for two years, yeah! we are street legal for two years :))))
Even had a little rehearsal for the Siberian road!
They are rebuilding the inspection station and the yard we had to drive trough was all dirt.

From now on, we have to fine tune the car (of course after brake-in my newly build engine) make it ready for the long, long, long road trough Siberia to Hungary.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We are impressed with your trip, we have Subaru 360's in the UK and in July we are taking them on the 50th anniversary of the Liege-Brescia-Liege rally for microcars - 2000 miles over the alps. Not quite as huge as your planned adventure but would be really good to get in touch to swop preparation tips.
James and Jane

Subaru360sd said...

Hello Jane and James.
As you can see, I will not make it this year. Can not plan yet for next year just hoping...
I like your page! I own two Subarus and drive often my a Figaro.
Would LOVE to go to the rally but I have to WORK this Summer :((